M S .Net framework-What does it do?

  gel 09:38 24 Jan 2010

On my old Mesh desk top I have
MS.net framework 2.0 SP1
.net.framework CLP
.net.framework 3.0 SP1
.net framework3.5SP1
Hot fix for 3.5SP1 (KB953595)
Update for 3.5SP1(KB963707)

On my newer Dell lap top I just have
MS.Net framework 1.1
Plus .net framework 1.1 security update (KB953297)

What is .network and what does it do .?

Do I need it?

The reason for the question is that I am having a problem installing a (KB951847)x86
This problem any has been with me since 11Feb 2009 and I do not seem to have disasters without it
Thanks for any comments

  User-312386 10:04 24 Jan 2010

click here it gives you an incite as to what it does, and yes you need it!

  gel 19:57 24 Jan 2010

Thank you madboy33©®
The article is most informative
I am very grateful

  Batch 11:23 25 Jan 2010

You may find that these have been installed by the suppliers because some other software that they supplied depended upon it. If you have removed various vendor supplied applications then you may be able to do without it.

Windows (at least XP), in itself, does not require it.

As an example, I downloaded some Cardio Vascular Risk Assessment (CVRA) software (that I saw my GP use), unfortunately this required the installation of .Net 1.1. The CVRA software wasn't doing anything fancy (really just taking in some test results and doing a calculation) which could easily have been embedded in a simple web page using JavaScript etc., but the developers decided in their infinite wisdom to utilise some functions from .Net 1.1. meaning that I had to install a 20MB plus set of support software as well.

  gel 12:05 25 Jan 2010

Thank you Batch
It makes fascinating reading
It would seem that Microsoft in their wisdom go 'over the top'
By comparison Google, in the main seem to do things much more simple.
But I am sure some one will disagree

If I un install some of the .net framework will I know when I need it and at that stage re install?

My 'old ' Desk top is only a standby in case my laptop defaults and I only 'boot it' up once a week

  interzone55 12:23 25 Jan 2010

Most programs that require .net framework will prompt you to download & install it.

Be very careful about removing any of the frameworks though, as it may kill some software, and you wont know which software has been affected until you try to run it.

In short, if you're not short of storage leave it be...

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