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  [DELETED] 12:26 11 Oct 2003

I have M/S Windows Office 97 on my old system, just bought a new XP system and would rather not have to buy M/S Office XP. Can I upgrade to M/S XP from Win Office 97 and is there a cost involved?

Is M/S WORKS package any good and is there a free copy any where to that can be downloaded free?

Any help appreciated.

  [DELETED] 12:30 11 Oct 2003

First of all you are mixing your software up!!!

Windows and Office are two separate packages.

Windows is the Operating System and Office is a work suite.

I'm assuming you waht to upgrade Office 97 to Office XP.

1) We'd all rather not buy Office XP but to go from 97 to XP you HAVE to pay.

2) Works is OK if you need a basic venison of Office but its not free either.

  [DELETED] 12:52 11 Oct 2003

If you, or anyone you live with etc is either at school/college/uni you can get significant discount c. #100 off even PC world does it but best deals found on the web.

  wee eddie 21:42 11 Oct 2003

probably about £250 or so for the upgrade.

If you are used to Office '97 stick with it if you have the disks, although there are problems with Windows XP.

"Ability" will do the biz withn Windows XP, for about £50 and is remarkably similar to Office '97. I'd give it good marks over M$-Works.

  [DELETED] 22:31 11 Oct 2003

"If you are used to Office '97 stick with it if you have the disks, although there are problems with Windows XP".

What problems? I have used office 97 (admittedly mainly Excel & Word) on two systems running XP extensively and have not had any problems!

techhelp, if your happy with office 97 and what it does for you, stick with it!

  wee eddie 00:08 12 Oct 2003

Running on W'95 then W'98. No problem. It was only ever loaded on a single PC.

However when I loaded it onto my new laptop - W'XP, I spent hours with incompatibility issues. After a rough costing of my expected time to sort them out. I decided to upgrade. Problems solved.

Except for "Fast Find" on the W'98 PC, so I disabled that.

  [DELETED] 20:47 12 Oct 2003

Many thanks. I had assumed I would not be able to load Win 97 onto an WinXP platform, I still have the CD original purchase. There is a chance I can get Ability Office, if it is better than M/S WORD will try this an first option, failing that, uploading Win 97 and fingers crossed. Any probs loud noise will erupt.

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