M E System Restore

  Yorkie 1 16:37 14 Nov 2004

When I first started using ME as my operating system, I had System Restore installed and it got me out of trouble more than once. For some reason though it seems to have stopped working. I can bring up the interface but there are no restore points available and when I try to create one, I get the message that it cannot do so, "try resarting your computer". That however has no effect at all, I still get the same notice.
Any ideas, it is not absolutely vital, but can be very handy at times.

  VoG II 16:44 14 Nov 2004

Troubleshooting tips click here

  Yorkie 1 17:07 14 Nov 2004

Thanks for the tip VoG™. I am afraid that I do not feel confident enough to go interfering with the registry, and I don't have a dics to re-install the programme. But thanks for trying.

  Graham ® 17:09 14 Nov 2004

Is System Restore turned on?

  Yorkie 1 17:28 14 Nov 2004

Hi Graham ®. Yes I think it must be. When I click on it from the start menu, I get the welcome tp system restore window up.

  VoG II 17:33 14 Nov 2004

System Restore has been known to suffer from amnesia. The followinh might work; worth a try anyway.

Turn System Restore off click here restart your PC, then turn it on again. See if you can then see a (single) restore point that should have been created when you turned it on again.

  Newbolt 17:34 14 Nov 2004

Had this problem with ME - there was an update to be downloaded from the Microsoft update site which fixed it. Worth giving update a try, but I don't know if they still support ME?

  Yorkie 1 18:00 14 Nov 2004

Hi VoG™ Tried disabling and re-enabling SY.Res. No Difference

Hi Newbolt, Have to leave it for now, but will look for that update later

Thanks to all for your help

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