Nosmas 14:40 10 Sep 2003

If you are running AVG and / or Sygate Personal Firewall on your system the following may help, as I think Solitaire and Freecell work similarly.

I found when I first installed AVG that Solitaire failed to run. The answer was to untick the box beside "Use Outlook Express 5 Plugin" on the Email Scanner Tab of AVG Control Center. BUT DON'T FORGET TO RE-TICK THAT BOX WHEN FINISHED PLAYING otherwise your emails will not be scanned for viruses.

When I installed Sygate I got the effect you described as "echos" of cards moved. The solution here was to turn off Sygate, BUT ONLY WHEN NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. It is possible that other firewalls may also affect Freecell.

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