Lycos searchbar

  Bazz2000 15:05 02 Jul 2004

Hi ppl,
A lycos sidesearch icon has appeared on my deskto, also i now have a lycos search toolbar??? I did not download this or install it nor do i want it. I have tried to delete all the lycos files in my pc but they re-appear? Some will not delete at all, im presuming this is because its running at the time. The others that i could delete came back, right in front of me!!!
Ive got norton antivirus which is fully updated and macafee personal firewall plus. I dont understand this at all any ideas ppl? On how to get rid of it and where the hell it came from?? cheers!

  rawprawn 15:13 02 Jul 2004

Lok in Add / remove programs in the control panel, if it's there uninstall. If it won't uninstall, reboot the computer in safe mode and then try. Before doing that Click start/run/ type msconfig and look under the start tab and untick it if it,s there then reboot. Do this first.

  dstarr78 02:20 10 Sep 2004

I get this darn thing too.

It's really annoying. I never downloaded it, and I never even went to the lycos site.

It has no uninstall, nothing in msconfig and nothing in spyware.

Anyone know how to get rid of it?

  SANTOS7 09:24 10 Sep 2004

click here
click here these will help,good luck

  dstarr78 12:37 10 Sep 2004

Thes first link seems to have doen the trick.

Thanks a lot Santos7! :)

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