'LXCDtime.dll error on startup'

  PaulPonchaud 15:49 25 Sep 2006

My dad recently bought a Lexmark P6350 printer/scanner/copier after years of sticking with HP printers. Two days after I installed the printer we now have an error when I load the pc saying 'Error loading \3\LXCDtime.dll the specified module could not be found' this comes up when I boot up the pc into windows XP (Pro) the message comes up in a box with an option to close it by clicking ok, the printer works fine and the message only comes up on when starting the pc.

I have contacted LEXMARK tech support but find them USELESS(that’s a polite way of putting it) I have located the file on the pc so it is on my pc I have re-installed the printer properly twice and both times two days later this message comes up. To the best of my knowledge this is not a virus or spy ware problem because we are running Norton AV 2006 all updated and Spybot 1.4.Also I have the very latest drivers available on the printer.

As Lexmark are so unhelpful I throw myself at your mercy and BEG for someone to HELP me SAFELY!! get rid of this STRANGE error message.
PLEASE PLEASE help me!!! :-)
Many Thanks
Paul Ponchaud

  rdave13 15:58 25 Sep 2006

Try this click here

  SANTOS7 16:09 25 Sep 2006

Its not an error message as such.
This program allows the lexmark printer to connect to the internet to allow you to enrol in their survey etc. its just an online connection from the printer to the lexmark site.
connect to the internet start your printer and see if it does what its supposed to do regarding an online survey, there maybe an option to either complete survey or turn off message..

  PaulPonchaud 16:48 25 Sep 2006

I am afraid I have tried both the suggested idea's and neither have worked!! Please any thing else to try? reg edit? msconfig?

Paul Ponchaud

  PaulPonchaud 22:05 25 Sep 2006

Guys please dont abandon me!!:-)

Any more ideas can I fix this using regedit? or msconfig?


Paul Ponchaud

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