Lucky star mobo

  terendak_uk 19:31 25 Jul 2004

Be very grateful for anyone willing to find a manual for a K7VA133 ver 1.0 Lucky Star Technologies mobo. I have searched for a week, "unsuccessfully" for this one; only being able to find info on Toms hardware on ver 1.1 that had onboard sound...mine hasn't. Got it free, with a K7 Athlon in a fully functioning PC. Bought a new case, so am wanting to try, for the first time, to re- assemble, from scratch, my own PC.Taken apart everything( and put back/upgraded PCs, such as this one) apart from mobo to new case before. The new case has a front slot for USB, firewire and s'card, so would love to explore.

  terendak_uk 10:20 26 Jul 2004

I have a choice to put in either a Radeon 7000 32Mb DDR AGP( P/N 1028110600) card or a Rage Fury Max 64Mb(P/N 1026730600). I would be very grateful for advice on the "best" card. Win 2000 Pro will be the OS. LCD Formac Gallery screen. No games to speak of, but lots of Photoshopping and video editing. CPU is an Athlon K7.( 1Ghz, I believe....have yet to check.)

  terendak_uk 20:25 26 Jul 2004

to find the mobo manual....difficult. Seems that this manufacturer is out of business? Got as far as d'loading a .bin file only, even tho it stated it was a manual( checked with AVG for viruses). Any pointers would be gratefully recd. Ok, it's old. Early days for me...practise makes many mistakes!

  terendak_uk 21:18 02 Aug 2004

Not so lucky lol.I'll live with it..and the help from here

  jonnytub 21:20 02 Aug 2004

you aren't alone, i have tried many a time searching for your mobo but have had no luck and therefore no point in posting, i shall keep trying.

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