lucallbackexe on prossess

  KINKYxANGEL 17:02 10 Jan 2008

every 30 mins my comp runs a system on task manager called lucallback ... what is this ...why does it run .... and is there any way i can temporally stop it running it slows comp down for 6 mins every half hour and crashes some sites im on
yr help much appriciated

  birdface 17:05 10 Jan 2008

Nothing on google about it. Did you spell it correctly.

  FungusBoggieman 17:11 10 Jan 2008

it is part of Norton's Live Update
maybe try turning it of in the settings if u use notorn av

  PO79 17:12 10 Jan 2008

Its Live Update from your Norton App. There may be a way to configure to check for updates once or twice a day in the options for the program.

  birdface 17:15 10 Jan 2008

Found out it is Norton Up-sate search. I take it you have Norton on your computer.

  timestar 17:23 10 Jan 2008

It is Norton looking for updates. This is one of the big problems in that it will take up huge ammounts of your processing power while it does this.

  birdface 17:23 10 Jan 2008

Like the others have pointed out cancel the live up-date and update it yourself daily.Or remove Norton using the removal tool and use Avg or Avast both free.

  KINKYxANGEL 17:35 10 Jan 2008

i do have norton but i turn off av and all other norton settings on to close till i restart comp and lucallback still runs every 30 mins ... and wow ty all quick response :)
any other ideas?

  KINKYxANGEL 17:46 10 Jan 2008

ok i turned off norton and still got this system on processes .... had 7 lucallbackproxy 's and 1 ..LUCOMS~1.EXE they ran for 6 mins makin comp really slow

  KINKYxANGEL 19:40 10 Jan 2008

ty all for help went on live chat with norton and they sorted it 4 me problem solved i hope :)

  mfletch 19:46 10 Jan 2008

Can you tell use what they said,

We like to learn as well,


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