Lshift key opens "help" function

  chrishink 17:20 20 May 2018

whether I have MS Word, Chrome or my desktop selected, my LShift key automatically opens a "Help" function, whether it's help specifically with the software or with Windows as a whole. The button also seems to sometimes trigger caps lock, and having googled this issue I cannot find any possible software reason why this could be the case.

The software is windows 10, the hardware is a laptop, Gemini NC14 (very cheap, but fraught with issues), sticky keys, toggle keys and filter keys are all disabled, with no third party software which causes the flaw. The issue doesn't occur when a USB keyboard is used, and doesn't occur when the on-screen keyboard is used, which leads me to believe the issue is with the hardware. The keyboard is mac-esque, and I have a keyboard protector over the keys so nothing could be trapped under the keys. The fault started up out of the blue today, and seems to be intermittent - it has stopped and picked up 5 times today, one of which was while I was writing this paragraph.

does anyone have any idea what the cause of this fault could be? This laptop has given me a few issues, but as long as it can do word processing that's all I ask of it.

  KEITH 1955 18:02 20 May 2018

have you recently don't the 1803 windows update , when I did it my language settings reverted to English (us) to test this open word or email and do shift @ key , its second right from the L key , if you don't print the @ symbol type lang into search box and open top icon.

it should show English (uk) on top tab , if it does not then re download the uk language pack , on the other tab , make sure that is also set to uk English , next restart and wait a while for all programs to pick up on new pack.

found this as well that might help you.

click here

  chrishink 12:25 21 May 2018

nope, the language is still set to UK English, and nothing on the link seems to be the issue or at least fixes the issue

as for a Windows update, the laptop hasn't downloaded an update in a while (with 32GB of space it doesn't have the ability to), so I downloaded the latest update and it still has the issue

  AroundAgain 13:03 21 May 2018

Just a quick thought, is there any chance there is a crumb or two stuck under some of the keys on the laptop keyboard? Or something sticky, like a splash of drink?

Worth checking for any physical obstruction, even to eliminate that as a cause ;)

  KEITH 1955 13:45 21 May 2018

To pick up on around agains comment you can buy cans of air from maplins , the correct name for them is air dusters. …… get the one that is cold air. Use in short bursts because the can gets icy cold very quick and can burn your fingers.

With the laptop turned off get somebody to hold it vertical for you , keep the can vertical as well , don't turn it sideways or at an angle or the propellant as well as the air will squirt out , trust me I done it !

NOTE Maplins website is shut but if you don't have a local store the air dusters are on amazon.

  chrishink 08:29 22 May 2018

I've cleaned under the key - I've removed the shift key, and just pressing the pad proper causes the issue, with nothing under the key, so I'm not sure where that leaves me in terms of possible errors.

  KEITH 1955 09:09 22 May 2018

You say the touch pad causes the problem , try plugging in a mouse ro overide the pad functions , if that works , why not just stick to a mouse , at least it might make the problem go away

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