lsass.exe what is it used for

  pcman13 21:05 14 Nov 2016

Help what is lsass.exe used for as it keep's asking for access to the internet . firewall it trying to access two deferent ip address and ip trace one is Wichita in the usa and the other is Tehran any help thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:58 14 Nov 2016
  Bris 22:00 14 Nov 2016

Go into task manager and click on the details tab then locate isass.exe. If there is more than one then its likely that you have a virus.

  lotvic 00:18 15 Nov 2016

The proper file is lsass.exe (that's a lower case L not an i)

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Because lsass.exe is a crucial system file, its name is often faked by malware. The lsass.exe file used by Windows is located in the directory Windows\System32. If it is running from any other location, that lsass.exe is most likely a virus, spyware, trojan or worm. Due to the way some systems display fonts, malicious developers may name the file something like Isass.exe (capital "i" instead of a lowercase "L") in efforts to trick users into installing or executing a malicious file instead of the trusted system file.

  pcman13 21:19 16 Nov 2016

thanks for your replies I do not think is a virus but it's now want to go to some where in china so I will block it using the internet

  lotvic 22:23 16 Nov 2016

Did you check in where it was running from? (as per my previous post) Do you know how to check it? (Open Task Manager and rightclick the suspect lsass.exe and choose 'Properties' or 'Open File Location') also watch out for the variations of the spelling when looking in task manager as the trojans/malware/virus masquerades under different spellings, Isass, lsasss, etc.

  pcman13 07:32 17 Nov 2016

Hi lotvic thanks for the reply there is only one in task manager it in capitals the file in windows system 32 folder is in lower case which is the only one on the drive

  lotvic 18:21 17 Nov 2016

Please don't be complacent about this, the keylogger W32/Nomis.worm Lsass.exe click here for Norton report, Attempts to log key strokes and send it to a predetermined email address.

In Task Manager look very carefully for variations of spelling and rightclick to check the path as there should only be one instance.

  pcman13 22:02 18 Nov 2016

thanks Iotvic there is only one in Task Manager and I cannot find where it loads from

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