lsasse.exe system error

  [DELETED] 23:19 15 Dec 2003

Firstly let me apologise for the 'vageness' of this - it is a problem from the daughter of an almost ex-wife of an ex-mate - and I don't run XP myself so its a double 'whammy'. I don't know why she has so much confidence in me either as I went round there on Saturday to replace a shower that they were having problems with and the replacement, although the same make didn't 'line-up' - - -the water pipe was too short or the elctric were and so have had to leave them without anything while I have a little 'think'. Anyway, I digress !!!!

My friends daughter rang me this evening telling me her PC, an E-machine, would not boot up - - just getting so far into the boot-cycle, then booting again. The error was along the lines of
" lsasse.exe system error. When trying to update a password this return status indicates the value as the current password is incorrect".

The system then closes down, then attempts to reboot - - - anyone any ideas here please ?

This system was working fine on Sunday, and she assures me she does keep her AV up-to-date (AVG6).

More apologies for those 'quick-off-the-mark' with this as I won't be speaking to her till tomorrow evening.

Grateful for any help - -

  [DELETED] 23:29 15 Dec 2003

the "search" thingy on this site is awful - - I did a search on most permutations of this on this forum and nothing, not a dicky-birdy - - - then I go and see someone with virtually the same error.

  [DELETED] 09:25 16 Dec 2003

lsass.exe controls the local security on your machine...sorry to say this but as far as i know if this file is corrupted or missing then basically you're stuffed.
I think you will need to do a clean install of XP from scratch :-(

  [DELETED] 12:16 16 Dec 2003

Ok, TBH1, when did this happen?

What did she do immediately prior to the restart (i.e. on the session before)?

Has she got ALL the MS updates installed?

She may well have to load from her startup CD, to reset this file. It sounds as though something has put a password on that shouldnt be there. She'll have to break in to update the BIOS to load from CD...

Other, not quite so important questions:

Is she running firewall?

Did she put a password on by accident?

Have you fixed their shower yet? ;o))))))

  [DELETED] 12:25 16 Dec 2003

I also did this search for you, just in case you're ill again?????
click here=

  [DELETED] 13:56 16 Dec 2003

woody147 - good news then !!!!
Plankton - her system was fine on Sunday evening and then not on Monday. I don't believe she put a password on because when I mentioned BIOS she didn't know what I was on about - -I now have to hope she has a setup CD , or a restore one - - her dad set-up all this before he 'ran-off', obviously knowing what problems he was gonna have with the shower !!!
Have just downloaded the XP bootable floppies mentioned on one of those google sites so will struggle out my sick-bed and maybe get over tonight.

  [DELETED] 23:20 18 Dec 2003

ended up restoring system - - but problems did not end there - - gonna tick this and open another - - -

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