LSA Shell (export version)

  ened 15:40 03 Sep 2006

Is this a genuine part of the xppro os?

I googled it and go a load of conflicting answers, including mention of the sasser worm.

I have not really understood if this is the worm or if the worm causes this file to misbehave.

Zonealarm warned me it was trying to access the internet.

Can somebody explain please?

  recap 16:31 03 Sep 2006

It does look like it could be a worm from the Sasser type. Update and run your anti-virus and Malware software.

Always block intrusion if you are not sure about it.

  Fingees 16:34 03 Sep 2006

Go to apparently it'sa worm

click here

  ened 17:57 03 Sep 2006

I've just run trendmicro and cleaned the system but this lsass.exe is still running in the processes.
On running a search it turns out to be in the Service Pack as well as System 32.

I was not allowed to End the process.

Does anybody know if I need to be concerned?

  SANTOS7 18:08 03 Sep 2006

Don't think its the sasser worm as its more than two years old now and security updates should take care of it, it could be related to AHKER.F Worm the link may help
click here

  ened 18:10 03 Sep 2006

I was looking at that earlier but have never heard of it.

Can it be trusted?

  johnnyrocker 18:15 03 Sep 2006

i from time to time get a firewall message saying that Lsa shell (export version) is being contacted by remote machine etc and allow or not allow, i never let it contact but despite several scans my machine comes up clean.


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