Lp`s & Tapes Transfering to computer

  alan 2273 16:42 23 Feb 2003

I am having trouble transfering my Lp`s & tapes from my record player to my computer.
My set up is, Abit AT7 Motherboard with Realtek 5.1 onboard surround sound, AMD 2200XP processor,
512 Pc2700 ram.
Iconnect from the phono socket on my record player to a Stienberg Pre Amp unit then from this unit to the line out on the computer, I can here the music but the humming and crackling is awful and I cannot clean it up.
I connected the pre amp unit as per the instructions can anyone help as I just cannot figure out how to get rid of the awful background nolse.

  beeuuem 17:25 23 Feb 2003

There are several guides to recording from lp/tape to CD. If you do a search on this site for 'lp' and 'cd' it will give you previous posts on the subject
You say that you have connected the Hi-Fi to line out, it should be connected to line-in.

  Newuser38 17:44 23 Feb 2003

click here heres one to start withjust in cas esearch is playing up. I connect straight from phones to line in and use musicmatch.

  greenlamp 23:41 23 Feb 2003

Just a thought, shouldn't it be line in at the PC end. i.e line in = input, line out = output

  stlucia 09:00 24 Feb 2003

"Humming and crackling" often indicates that there's a broken lead somewhere between the sound source and the amplifier or computer -- usually an earth or -ve lead. So, if you're sure that the connections are correct (as suggested by greenlamp and beeuum), look for a damaged cable somewhere.

  accord 09:14 24 Feb 2003


you beat me to it, i had this problem years ago and it turned out to be the turntable not being earthed to my amp.

  TBH1 12:18 24 Feb 2003

I think greenlamp has hit the nail on the head - - cable from headphone socket on amp to line-in on sound card.

  alan 2273 23:07 24 Feb 2003

to those who noticed my clanger, it should have been phono output to pre amp input, line out of pre amp to line in on computer. Will check all cables and hope this solves problem

  AudioVic' 16:47 25 Feb 2003

I use wavelab for editing inputs from audio sources and it is great for removing hiss and clicks, etc.

Also I use SBlive (Soundblaster live) recorder which is a very good recorder for tapes/vynils and for my keyboard recordings.

Hope this is of help to you!

You'll find wavelab via google search.

  pj123 21:32 25 Feb 2003

I use LP Recorder to record all my LPs and Cassettes my hard disk and then LP Ripper to split them back to separate tracks. go to click here to see.

  sil_ver 21:48 25 Feb 2003

Make sure your Mic is muted as well to stop feedback.

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