LP to CD-R, signal level adjustment

  [email protected] 21:07 10 Nov 2004

I have s/w for transferring LP's to CD. I have dusted off my record player and tuner amp and connected it all to my PC. The LineOut from the Amp is "controlled" so is it just a question of trial and error to strike a happy medium between the volume/level controls of both Amp and PC Soundcard or is there an optimum setting as a start point and where do you set Base/Treble? Or is it just a case of adjusting the Amp to play how you like it then turn the speakers off [think about it!] and adjust the levels on the SoundCard - but this way you are not really recording whats on the LP, are you? The instruction book states "if you are connected from LineOut you can only adjust the level at the SoundCard end" but that obviously refers to an "uncontrolled" output. Help :-(

  [email protected] 21:34 10 Nov 2004

Perhaps someone knows of some sort of pre-amp gizmo with fixed output which can be connected between record player and PC?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  [email protected] 21:58 10 Nov 2004

Hi Spanglish. You are right about the problems matching O/P to I/P - hence the post. There could well be a pre-amp situated inside the record player [Pioneer PL-L1000 Tangenital Tracking Quartz-PLL] but I can't find its manual. Bit loathe to connect it direct to the PC without a bit of knowledge beforehand but if all levels are set to zero before do you think it would be safe enough?

  [email protected] 22:41 10 Nov 2004

No controls on the deck; connects to amp via L/R Phono i/p, very ordinary. Cartridge is a Shure V15 Type 4! I have just been trawling the net searching "phono preamplifiers" but they all appear to be huge expensive bits of kit. Maplins have some for less than £1 but appear to be on a board for inclusion into a "home build kit". Time for bed here but thanks for your help.

  [email protected] 15:31 13 Nov 2004

Yes - my amp has a line-out but see from the thread it is not fixed level but variable [from the controls on the front!]. This means I have two [2] variables [one on the amp and one on the PC] and my confusion is to know how to optimise them both for best level. Also, base and treble controls on amp front control the analogue line-out so to me I will be recording my personal audio preference rather than what's coming from the record deck pickup!
Grateful your trying to help.

  [email protected] 15:42 13 Nov 2004

Great stuff. Just read exactly what I want on thread 170946 [followed the link click here . Thanks to all who tried to help/posted the links.

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