lowl memory

  weemacs 08:38 25 Jul 2013

My brand new packard bell pc with windows 8 says memory is low as soon as I swithc it on before I have even opened any programmes. Any suggestions. Thanks

  Peter 09:19 25 Jul 2013


A possible alternative telephone number 020 8283 3100, but it might be best to take the computer back to the shop.


  tullie 10:07 25 Jul 2013

I suppose it depends on how much memory was advertised on the specs when you bought it.If its as advertised then i dont know if you have any grounds for complaints,what do others think?

  alanrwood 10:14 25 Jul 2013

Any computer sold such that it opens up with this error message is not fit for purpose and should be returned to the place of purchase as it could be a faulty memory stick or it is not seating correctly. It is definitely not right so take it back quickly.

  lotvic 11:08 25 Jul 2013

This makes interesting reading, shows how much is used: superuser.com Windows 8 out of memory? click here

  lotvic 11:11 25 Jul 2013

also windows.microsoft.com click here

  spuds 11:24 25 Jul 2013

Sounds like an unseated or faulty memory chip. Because it is brand new, then contact the retailer for advice. Whatever you do, do not open the case at this stage, because a few years ago, this was a let out clause for voiding a warranty - the customer had caused the problem?.

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