lowering the ping rate

  Rigga 08:36 26 Apr 2006

Ping is not something that is easily controlled.

It is basically the amount of time in milliseconds that it takes a packet of information to travel between your computer and the remote server.

This can be effected by many factors, mostly the line length, i.e. the physical location of the server you are connected to. i.e. if you are trying to connect to servers in the US then you are unlikely to get good ping times. To UK servers, you should get reasonable ping times.

Unfortunately, the speed of you line once past a certain level will not make much difference to your ping times. So a 2mb line will have the same ping times as a 8mb or 24mb line.

I get pings of < 40ms to uk servers playing UT2K4, but > 150ms to servers on the US.

If you are getting consistently bad ping times to UK servers, then you may have a line quality problem (packet loss), and you will need to talk to Tiscali.

Sorry I can't be of any more assistance.


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