Low wireless connection

  Steve Lowe 13:22 28 Dec 2010

I use a bt business hub and have several laptops that connect up to it fine. But my son has got a fizzbook laptop and it connects but the connection is very low.
Does anyone know of anyway of improving it ?

Many Thanks


  mgmcc 07:51 30 Dec 2010

What speed is it connecting at? If it has an 802.11g wireless adapter, the 'port' speed, i.e. the speed at which it connects to the router, should be 54Mbps. An 802.11n adapter should be connecting at 150Mbps or 300Mbps depending on hardware.

If it's connecting with 802.11b protocol, it will only run at 11Mbps.

  Steve Lowe 15:37 30 Dec 2010

Yes its running at 11mbps so must be 802.11b so can this be changed so its quicker and does not lose connection ?

  Steve Lowe 16:04 30 Dec 2010

Just checked and it is a 802.11g mini card adapter but it is running at 11mbps ? I clicked on update driver but it says its up to date. Is there anything else i can do ?
Thank You.

  Ashrich 22:36 30 Dec 2010

I know that some of these run XP Home and some Windows 7 , but either way you should be able to change the wireless speed in device manager under the " advanced " tab , select "g only " and Ok back to the desktop , disconnect and then reconnect .


  Steve Lowe 17:29 08 Jan 2011

Thank you for your help.
In the end i found it was the antena inside the laptop had come loose.
Connected it back up and connecting now at 54mbps :0)

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