low volume

  ruskle 19:36 22 Jan 2010

I have a 6month old Packard Bell Easynote LJ65 laptop.
I have recently installed Win7 and am happy with.
I copied my files etc to a USB HD and have used it for a few weeks with no problem.
Today was the first time I had tried the web cam with the new system and I had to load the cam software from the USB HD.
That works fine but when I tested the built in microphone and played back the speech it was very quite. No amount of tweeking would sort it. It worked fine with Vista and the volume is OK playing MP3's or listening to TV or web radio.
Can anyone suggest what went wrong and how to cure it.


  bremner 20:11 22 Jan 2010

Are you accessing the webcam in Windows or an application such as Skype?

  ruskle 20:40 22 Jan 2010

I am testing the web cam via Skype testing service. Although I have never used Skype to talk to anyone it is the way I tested the camera and microphone using Vista when the playback was loud.


  bremner 22:12 22 Jan 2010

Skype is the problem. There are well reported issues with low volume and W7.

I suffer the same and have yet to find a resolution.

  ruskle 20:12 25 Jan 2010

I didn't have the problem when I tested the Mike using Vista so is Win7 to blame or was the driver for the mike in the original software supplied with Vista and Packard Bell.

I have the original Vista set up and the Win7 one backed up using Acronis to the second partition I made but I don't want to go to the trouble of restoring it just to find out.


  bremner 20:53 25 Jan 2010

The problem only seems to exist between Skype and Windows 7 - and not for everyone.

  ruskle 21:00 07 Feb 2010

Well I am still looking for answers and the Packard Bell forum is closed at present so I am still without an answer.

  Woolwell 21:53 07 Feb 2010

I use Skype but not Windows 7 but this may help click here

  ruskle 20:24 27 Feb 2010

Well I tried every thing suggested but still have a very low playback for anything recorded with my laptop mike.
I found a little microphone which I forgot I had and now use that instaed of the built in mike. I have now got a superb playback and spoke on Skype with a mate and he said it was very loud and clear.

The mike I have was bought from Maplins a while ago and is little more than a jack plug with a tiny mike on the end which can be swivled round to point at me. The mike sticks up from the jack plug about one and a half inches. It was a fiver.


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