Low virtual memory/slow computer

  Crazy legs 21:39 20 Oct 2007

My P.C. is mega slow and is constantly saying it is low on virtual memory. I've tried to do a search on here for virtual memory but it doesn't bring up anything of any real relevance.

The computer itself isn't new, it's got a Pentium 4 Processor. I've ran a virus check and it's clear, I've got Spyware Doctor which I have scanning most days, it only ever picks up adware stuff so nothing major.

I downloaded CCleaner the other day and it has deleted a lof of duff info from the system but it's still really slow. The GUI is slow at loading up and the broadband connection is only quick if you've been on the internet for about 30 minutes or more.

I've deleted things that I don't use from 'Add and remove programs' but it's still slow and always pops up with error messages such as 'Dr Mortem Post debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close' etc etc and 'this program is not responding'.

Is there anything else that may need deleting that I can get rid of safely without losing any of the computer programmes?

Can anyone help please? Thanks.

  RobCharles1981 21:46 20 Oct 2007

Sounds like you might be lacking in Memory.

  Technotiger 21:49 20 Oct 2007

Right-click on My Computer then go to Properties>Advanced>Performance-Settings>Advanced you will then see Virtual Memory, click on Change and then make your decision depending on what is shown.

Virtual Memory is making use of un-used space on your Hard Drive, if your hard drive is getting full, you may need a larger drive.

  rdave13 22:06 20 Oct 2007

Possibly malware. Join this forum; click here and they will look at your highjackthis log. Click on 'new to this board' top right.

  Crazy legs 22:12 20 Oct 2007

Thanks I'll look in to it now.

  Crazy legs 22:26 20 Oct 2007

I've just checked it now, it say's:

recommended - 286 MB

currently allocated - 575 MB

I've re-set it to 286 so hopefully that should help, would that be having an effect on how quickly the programmes take to load?

  Technotiger 22:36 20 Oct 2007

It might have a little effect, but I think fitting more RAM would show a definite improvement.

  Technotiger 22:39 20 Oct 2007

Another thing, have a look at your CPU usage in Windows Task Manager (Ctrl/Alt/Del) see if anything is hogging the CPU in the Processes tab. System Idle Process should be the only item showing about 97%, all the others should be at 0% or near that amount.

  DieSse 22:44 20 Oct 2007

Tell us more about your system please

Processor speed - graphics type, RAM fitted, Disk drive size and space used, operating system, etc.

  DieSse 22:45 20 Oct 2007

Also in Task Manager - Processes - how many processes are running?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:52 20 Oct 2007

1. Software

a) Clear out all temporay files and folders -- use Crap Cleaner click here

b) Scan for malware spyware and viruses --Free Anti Spyware :-
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here
Spywareblaster click here
a2 click here
Windows Defender click here

Free Antivirus software
Avast4 click here
AVG antivirus click here

c) Clean the registry -- Free Registry cleaners :-
RegscrubXP click here
Regseeker click here
TweakNow RegCleaner 1.3.2 click here
Easycleaner click here ( Use with care, It advises you to back up the registry first, this is a good idea as it cleans rather aggressively. )

d) Pagefile (Virtual Memory) -- Rght click MY Computer - select propeties - Advanced tab - Performance - advanced tab - Virtual memory click change, you can put the page file on a differnt drive (if you have one), click custom size and set Initial size to one and a half times the amount of memory you have fitted i.e. 512MB memory = set to 768MB, set maximum to double your memory amount i.e. 512MB memory = 1024MB click ok.
If your hard drive is full and there is not enough room for the pagefile this can slow down, freeze or even cause the PC to crash (restart).

e) Cut down on the programs that load at startup -- Start - Run type msconfig - startup tab- untick everything except for firewall, antivirus and antispyware

and the services that run in the background. click here

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