low virtual memory messages

  potting shed 20:47 23 Jul 2008

'At times, when using a few programs, namely Ebay Turbo lister at the same as being conected to Ebay my computer slows down to a snail pace and start giving me 'low virtual memory' messages.'

This was a previous entry to forum, I have the same problem but I am running XP. My ram size is 736MB and space left is 1.49GB of 33.2GB.

Please could you advise what settings to put the virtual memory on?

  Monument 20:50 23 Jul 2008

Your problem is insufficient Hard Drive space. The Pagefile needs up to 1.5 times the size of your RAM i.e. 2.2GB and you only have 1.36GB.

You will need to free up space on the hard drive

  potting shed 20:59 23 Jul 2008

I thought this may be the case (not knowing that much abut the inside of computers but...)I have tried to reduce documents etc i use avg, ebay and turbo lister to name the main do you know if they use a lot of space storing files?/ Whats the easiest way to get more space ie: can I fix it myself? I do use the disk fragmenter and clean up wizards. Any advice welcomed

  cream. 22:23 23 Jul 2008

Go to add and remove programs in control panel and un-install all those programs you do not use.

Download and run CCleaner from click here it's free.

Reduce the size of your system restore file. It will be nearly 4Gb, drop it down to 1Gb.

Now check what free space you have.

PS if you do not know how to do any of the above, post back for full details.:-)

  potting shed 10:34 24 Jul 2008

Hi Percy

Done all of that and hard disk now has 3.19 GB. What should the min max be for virtual memory at 200mb at the moment ?

  MAT ALAN 10:39 24 Jul 2008

Set both upper and lower values to 1500...

  brundle 10:45 24 Jul 2008

See what's taking up the space; click here

  cream. 18:44 24 Jul 2008

"My ram size is 736MB"

Then MAT ALAN's suggestion of 1500 for both is spot on. The only problem is that it's eating into what you have left of your hard drive space.

If you are using a desktop computer, consider buying a larger drive to store some of your files and to put your paging file / virtual memory on. This would help the C drive to work better and be more efficent. Hard drive prices have tumbled and you can get a large capacity one for a very reasonable sum of money.

  cream. 18:47 24 Jul 2008

£15.95 plus vat click here

  wee eddie 19:09 24 Jul 2008

That you Back-up some stuff and then remove it from the PC. A pair of 40GB External Hard Drives would do the trick. Whatever you do don't rely on a single Copy, CDs and DVDs degrade (frequently, quite quickly) and Hard Drives breakdown on occasion.

Because your HDD is so full, this problem is going to occur again and again, until you have about 20% of it empty/unused.

Percy Vere's suggestion of using CCleaner is spot on. Go to it's Tools Section and have a look at the Software installed. There must be stuff that you don't need.

Then a good old Defrag to sort things out a bit (Won't make any difference to the amount of Space available but will make things work swifter).

p.s. If you haven't Defragged for a while, make sure that you have nothing running, even turn screen-savers off, and forget it for 4 hours!

  potting shed 14:19 25 Jul 2008

Hi there everyone

U will be pleased to know the root of problem has been found thanks to all your brilliant advice!! My ex husband had stored a lot of music on the hard drive . Using Brundles advice i found this out and deleted it. I freed up 20Gb!!! No more virtual memory problems. I couldnt understand it as i store most of my docs on usb sticks and cds. however, mystery solved now.

Thanks for your help guys.

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