Low Virtual Memory?

  pgj 17:02 12 Jan 2008

At times, when using a few programs, namely Ebay Turbo lister at the same as being conected to Ebay my computer slows down to a snail pace and start giving me 'low virtual memory' messages.

1) what is this virtual memory?
2) why is it running low?
3) How do I improve the situation?

Many thanks

  Clapton is God 17:24 12 Jan 2008
  Devil Fish 17:34 12 Jan 2008

virtual memory is when your system taps in to your hard drive for exta memory capacity

the slowing down is caused by the operating system resizing the amount of space on your hard drive allocated to virtual memory

if you let us know what operating system you are running 2we can advise you on how to manually manage your virtual memory and avoid the problem in future

  cream. 18:02 12 Jan 2008

We would need to know what operating system you are using. e.g. XP, Vista.

Also if you click on my computer and open it. Right click on the C drve and pick properties. What FREE space does it say you have.

Just one more thing to find out. Right click my computer and pick properties. It will tell you how much memory ( ram ) you have. What is that.

  pgj 18:42 12 Jan 2008

Thanks so far guys this is great information. Here the info requested:

I am running Xp Pro Version 2002 with SPK 2
I have 93 GB free on my 160 BG hard drive
and there is 512 MB RAM.

If it's of interest my old processor is AMD Athon(m) XP2000+ 1.67 GHz

  cream. 18:55 12 Jan 2008

You have plenty of spare hard drive space so lets alter the virtual memory settings to a better size. 2Gb or thats 2000Mb should be fine.

To do this:-

right click my computer and pick properties.

Pick the advanced tab on system properties and then go to
the performance settings button.

Open that and pick the advanced tab and scroll down to virtual memory. Click on the change button.

Highlight the C drive and put a click in the custom size circle.

In the Initial size (MB) box put 2000

In the Maximum size (MB) box put 2000

Click on the set button and ok it.

Keep OK'ing it and exit.

It may ask you to reboot.

You Virtual memory is now set.

  pgj 19:32 12 Jan 2008

Hi Percy and all.

I have done as guided and will report back once I've given the system a good test.

Big thanx x

  potting shed 20:40 23 Jul 2008

Hi there

I have the same problem but my details are as follows:

Running XP

1.49 Gb of 33.2 Gb left

736mb ram

Could you recommend what i should do?

  Clapton is God 21:04 23 Jul 2008

"Could you recommend what i should do?"

Yes - start a new thread of your own rather than appending a question to one which was resolved more than 6 months ago.

  potting shed 21:17 23 Jul 2008

already have ... new to this thanks

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