low uncashed speed 11mb/s? on both hard drives

  INVERNESSGUY 18:47 04 Jan 2005

hello, just did a check on pcpitstop,

the results were ok, but carme up with the following problem..

drive c, uncashed speed of 11 mb/s

drive e, uncashed speed of 11 mb/s

drive c is internal, spindle speed of 5400, and 40 gb, its a ST340810A.

drive e is external, maxtor 200 gb, with a usb2 connection

why are the speeds so low? i understand the internal one will be slower with a slower spindle speed, but pcpitstop thinks they should both be around 30 megabytes/second?

both drives have been defragged before testing

  dan11 19:46 04 Jan 2005

Yes that is low. My ata133 measures 47 Mb/s and that hasn't been defragged in ages.:-(

Yours is an ATA100 so it should be a little slower than mine.You must be using XP with an external 200gig hard drive? check;

1) device manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers > primary ide channels > device 0 ( if this is your C drive) advanced settings.Is transfer mode " DMA if available" and if so what is the current transfer mode?

  INVERNESSGUY 20:22 04 Jan 2005

it says ultra dma mode 5

  INVERNESSGUY 20:42 04 Jan 2005

sorry i didnt answer your questions fully...

yes its xp pro with sp1 and 2 installed, all windows updates, kaspersky anti virus up and running, and yes my 200gb drive is external.

transfer mode is set for "dma if available", and current transfer mode is ultra dma mode 5

hope this helps...

any further ideas??

  INVERNESSGUY 21:37 04 Jan 2005

can anyone help me with this tonight please?

all thoughts on this will be appreciated,


  dagwoood 21:47 04 Jan 2005

You hard drive isn't using the indexing service is it?

Open My computer, right click on the drive and select properties. There's an option there that can be ticked to "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching". If it's ticked, untick it and press Apply. You'll probably have a period of hard drive activity.

This service will have a real impact on hard drive performance it left running.


  dan11 22:18 04 Jan 2005

Sorry had to pop out.

Hopefully dagwood's suggestion will give your hard disk a boost in performance.

I had thought that your DMA would be low or even running at PIO speed @11Mb/s, but that isn't the case.

Apart from dagwood's suggestion, I can only add. Make sure you are using an ATA133 80wire IDE cable.

If you have any peripheral as slave to the hard drive, disconnect it by removing the iDE cable from the back of the device and run the test. This will show IF the device is slowing down your hard drive.

  INVERNESSGUY 22:25 04 Jan 2005

ok, indexing service "boosted" it up to 13mb/s!!

cable has not been touched, and internally, computer is as original, and i didnt have this problem before when i ran pc pitstop before...

i assume that cable is ata133 80 wire ide cable

only one drive is connected to that cable, 200gb drive is external

  dan11 23:47 04 Jan 2005

Have you checked to see if the IDE cable to the motherboard and to the back of the hard drive is fully seated. They have been known to ease out with vibration or movement of the machine.

It may be worth spending about £2 at a computer shop to get a new ATA133 40 pin- 80 wire IDE cable, it may be damaged.

  The Spires 00:12 05 Jan 2005

I don't trust the answers Pc Pitstop gives, don't take the results as gospel.

  dan11 00:25 05 Jan 2005

You could be right;-)

I defragged my drive and tested both my hard drive and a usb2.0 external.

It said the tired old 7200 ata 133 drive had gone upto 50MB/s :-)))) Ammazing - gob smacked!!!

My new shiny usb2.0 drive, running through a belkin 7 port usb 2.0 power hub got

9MB/s :-((( sob.

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