Low on System Resources?

  A3 17:26 14 Mar 2005

I have a 2400+ AMD Athlon, 512MB RAM, 27GB free ROM - but when I use the computer for quite a while it comes up with a warning box saying that my system is low on resources. Although I have 511.45MB total physical memory, I only have 171.32MB available. When looking at the resource meter it averages 38% free, but when connecting to, and surfing, the web it drops to about 3% free - then gives up. I would be grateful for any advice, other than buy a new system.

  Jaymz87 17:30 14 Mar 2005

try upping the size of the Windows paging file.

Right click My Computer, go to Properties, click the advanced tab, then click the settings button under performance, on the next windows, click advanced again, then the change button at the bottom, up it by about 100MB.

  Jaymz87 17:34 14 Mar 2005

Just had another idea, if it only happens when you have your internet connexion open, there could be some software installed, including adware/spyware or other viruses, which are hogging your resources. Try scanning your system with a decent Spyware/Adware scanner, as well as a virus scanner.

I can't remember the links to these, but try googling for them or someone else on the forums will help you out here, but these are the good (free) ones:

AVG Antivirus

There are others, but I think these are the best.

  medicine hat 17:38 14 Mar 2005

Or there's this click here

  A3 17:51 14 Mar 2005

Thanks Jazmz87. I am running AVG 7, Adaware and SpyBot, and they are up-to-date. I tried the fix you mentioned but I forgot to say I am on working ME and I can't find the route into the Windows Page.

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