Low signal - why??

  Bailey08787 23:40 08 Dec 2003


I've recently set up a wireless network for my broadband connection and it works fine. I orignally had my pc in a corner, and the signal strength of the connection was low. This meant the internet was slow, and download speeds were poor.

So I moved the pc to a more elevated position, and its a mere 10-15 metres away from the base station (with no walls in between).

My signal leaped to 'very good', and everything speeded up. It was like this for about 2 weeks, and now, for no apparent reason, the signal has dropped back to low. Everything has slowed down, and so have download speeds.

Why is this? What can I do?

  Forum Editor 23:51 08 Dec 2003

can be tricky to get right in this respect, and the signal strength can be affected by many things. Once you have it set it will tend to stay that way however, so persevere.

In general terms the signal strength will be at its best if the router/base station is located high up - perhaps on the top shelf in a home office, or even in the loft.

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