Low resource AV too much for this old laptop :(

  Dipso 22:11 13 Jul 2006

I posted a couple of days ago asking for recommendations for a low resource firewall and AV for a Pentium laptop running Win98.

I was advised Kerio should be OK for the firewall and AVG or Antivir for the AV.

I installed AVG and the laptop ground to a halt, probably due to the very small amount of RAM fitted, 16MB!

I haven't got as far as a firewall...

I haven't tried Antivir yet but I see it only requires a minimum of 20MB of RAM rather than AVG's 32.

Upgrading the RAM is out of the question really as a. it would be too expensive and b. it's only "supposed" to be as a temporary measure to keep my mate connected until they can afford a new laptop.

Is it worth trying Antivir? I would go for it but it's taken soooo long to remove AVG that I'm wondering whether to bother!

I don't want to allow it to connect to the net without AV but I don't think I'll be able to find an AV that uses less resources than 20MB.

Any advice?

I will check for any replies tomorrow as my eyes are killing me staring at this screen ;) Cheers in advance!

  brundle 22:32 13 Jul 2006

fprot 3.16 for dos click here, overself updater click here and schedule a daily scan

dont bother with overself updater or a firewall if on dialup.

  woodchip 22:37 13 Jul 2006

AVG takes uo too many resource. Try Avast click here

  wee eddie 22:42 13 Jul 2006

It will run but only just.

Off hand I think that 98se has a recommended RAM of 128MB.

  woodchip 22:47 13 Jul 2006

16mb is minimum for 98se. I have 256 on my 98se comp. 512mb is max on 98

  Batch 09:30 14 Jul 2006

I find it difficult to conceive a PC running W98, being connected to the Internet with just 16Mb. It surely must be a nightmare to use even without the added overhead of a firewall and AV.

In fact I surprised that W98 could even be installed with such low memory.

Is this figure of 16Mb correct?

  Belatucadrus 10:25 14 Jul 2006

If you want some really low resource kit, try Look'n'Stop Lite firewall click here it's a rule based firewall, this makes it much less user friendly but very low on system resources. The default settings are very good anyway.
Clamwin antivirus click here "does not include an on-access real-time scanner", this makes it rather less secure than the avast!, AVG or Antivir options, but drops the resource requirements to a minimum. It has a scan scheduler so can check the PC when you want.
Clammail click here provides e-mail coverage.

  Belatucadrus 10:26 14 Jul 2006

Forgot to mention, the Look'n'Stop Lite link is direct to the download.

  Dipso 22:01 14 Jul 2006

Thanks for the links and advice everyone, I'll check them out.

Re: brundles post. The connection will be via dialup. Is it worth risking it with no AV?

Batch - I assure you that 16MB is correct. In fact I'm told the max it can take is 48. Actually it didn't run too badly prior to laoding the AV.

  Batch 06:29 15 Jul 2006

I'm amazed. Even the bottom of the range 300Mhz Celeron (with W98)that I bought in 1998 came with 64Mb. How old is this machine?

And performance on that improved dramatically when I added more memory (to 192Mb). With 64Mb the disk thrashing (due to incessant swapping) was the problem. With only 16Mb....well...

BTW, never risk any connection to the Internet without a Firewall and AV.

I realise money might be tight, but there are good deals around. For example, see this HP NX6110 laptop for £345 incl. VAT (after £30 cashback):

click here

  Dipso 21:08 15 Jul 2006

I'm not exactly sure how old it is but it came with Win95 installed and has since been updated.

I have had dealings with a similar laptop which my brother was given from office surplus. That had 32MB RAM and I installed AVG and ZA and although it slowed it down it was still usable. The extra RAM obviously made a big difference.

I know you should never connect to the net without suitable protection but it might be a case of no AV or no net.

I have a few new reasonable priced laptops in mind...looks like it's time to persuade my mate to sack this and shell out.

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