Low Profile/Half Height Graphics Card

  MrIT 10:14 18 Apr 2006

I have recently aquired a Dell Dimension 5150c. The main use is for my girlfriend to get her University work done on it, so it is Ideal, but I want to beef up the graphics card so I can get some gaming done.

The problem is in the size. Dell have used the smallest BTX variant (picoBTX) It's just 310mm high, 91mm wide and 363mm deep so there's very little room for upgrading with internal components. There are vacant PCI Express slots (x16 and x1), but only half-height cards will fit. As a result, the Dimension 5150c can't accept large, powerful graphics adaptors.

I've been looking on the web for two days now but answers are hard to find. Surely I'm not the only person with this problem so any solutions would be greatly apprieciated.

I need a good-great Low Profile/Half Height Graphics card satisfy my Gaming Lust.

  SANTOS7 10:21 18 Apr 2006

click here
If indeed your PC is upgradable follow the prompts in the link, it will give you the info you need,good luck...

  MrIT 10:58 18 Apr 2006

Was that answer intended to increase you profile rating for answers given?

Thats like being asked if I've looked on the internet yet?

Should I have stipulated for only useful replies?

And yes Santos these are what are reffered to as re-occuring questions... so please dont answer!

  SANTOS7 11:16 18 Apr 2006

What are you talking about, i have given you a link which as far as your post suggests you have not used,
as i am not psychic, if you had said you have tried crucial then maybe i would have pointed you in another direction.
I will also tell you bluntly that i do not like the tone of your reply's and if you adopt the same approach to others you will not get any help...

  SANTOS7 11:22 18 Apr 2006

This is what you have= New Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
This is what you can have, Optional: 128MB ATI RadeonTM X600 SE
click here

text taken from link......
Two days!! took me two minutes....

  MrIT 11:26 18 Apr 2006

Very sorry, I appologise! Just getting frustrated with the lack of information out there! I can't understand why its so difficult to find a Good Graphics card for a new (although small form) system! Thanks for trying!

  MrIT 11:28 18 Apr 2006

and no I have 128MB ATI RadeonTM X600 SE, which if you research is actually crap for gaming. Thats why I'm trying to upgrade it! No wonder it took you 2min, ha ha ha!

  wee eddie 11:38 18 Apr 2006

I think that you are wasting your time.

You have the equivalent of a Vauxhall Corsa. you can paint stripes on it, stick some speakers in the boot and bung a big exhaust on, but nothing is going to turn it into a Lotus.

  wee eddie 11:42 18 Apr 2006

No one here gets any credit for the help they give.

In fact some get their leg pulled fairly mercilessly

  MrIT 11:43 18 Apr 2006

Maybe so, but surely there's a way of boosting the horsepower? I will find a way yet!

  SANTOS7 11:50 18 Apr 2006

click here
pending on the rest of the specs of your PC have you tried here.........

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