low or no connectivity broadband

  astromica 09:49 09 Dec 2004

please help i need net access for work!!!!!
I have P4 running xp home, The pc next door recieves the same signal (central transmitter)and it works fine, connectivity is good on that machine but on mine connectivity is low or no!! My machine has a wireless reciever, connected through a usb port
both machines, mine and next doors, use the same phone line. I dont understand why my connection is so bad when next doors is good and we use the same phone line!!!!!!!!! I have just tried their machine in my house and it workin, so must be my machine or settings!!
Connectivity seems very intermitent on my machine and sometimes i cannot connect at all??
any ideas?

many thanx......... astromica

  ACOLYTE 10:00 09 Dec 2004

To be sure i would whip your pc round next doors and test it on theres,it may be 1 pc is hogging the line to much when connected so to be sure you need to swop pc's around and try them both at same time.just a thought.

  Graham ® 10:02 09 Dec 2004

This will be lost on many people! Is this a neighbourhood broadband wireless set-up? Could be a network setting on your PC needs tweaking.

Could you give a link to the ISP, please?

  astromica 17:12 09 Dec 2004

thanx for your replies
so far the most likely resolve is something to do with the network settings on my pc.
It is a wireless neighbourhood network. Other pc on network connects no probs but mine says low or no connectivity. I have a wireless receiver the same as the other pc. The isp is bt broadband. i am running xp home on a p4. How do i tweak the network settings? could this solve the problem?
thanx guys......... astromica x

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