"Low Noise" Enermax 450W psu is not quiet!

  dave321 20:59 17 May 2003

Enermax 450W power supply EG465P-VE(FMA)
There is a continuous significant humming / burring noise coming from this power supply unit. This is not due to the fans as it is a different type of sound and it stays the same volume when the outside fan is reduced to its lowest rpm. This is an annoying additional sound. Is this suppose to happen? My old 230W psu was much quieter with only fan noise (no additional humming noise).

My current system load is only about 250-300W. This would put a max 66% load on the 450W power supply. For this load the power supply specification quotes a noise level of aprox 29dB, but the sound appears significantly louder.

Do you think this psu is faulty or just a case of being higher wattage and so more background noise on top of the fan noise?



  skeletal 23:19 17 May 2003

Very hard to say without hearing it. But something to check for is any lose screws/bolts etc around the PSU (or even inside, but don't invalidate your warranty if it says don't take appart etc!). Sometimes something lose can cause a right old racket (stray magnetic fields and all that).

Bit of a long shot, but....


  Spencus 14:07 18 May 2003

just been reading Psu reviews on Thomshardware site and Enermax were regarded as being quiet,Complain! or put up with the noise,the choice is yours

  MartinT-B 15:08 18 May 2003

My Enermax is as good as silent. The dvd is noisier.

Check for loose fittings. If there are none - send it back.

  Qmar 16:22 18 May 2003

-its probably the HD , not the Enermax(I installed one - no probs Use a stethascope with the PC open (with care) to find prob.)

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