Low Memory

  sheila.weston 14:10 11 Jun 2010

I have just had a low memory warning on my Vista/Toshiba laptop. It has been very sluggish all morning. Looking at the help files I am directed to open the Task Manager, select the processes tab and sort the programs using the 'memory, Private Working Set' column, but it doesn't tell me what to do next! I can see that Internet Explorer is using 91,000K and Desktop Windows Manager is using 38,000K. Neither of these can be removed. Any ideas?

Yes, I will run Reg Organiser to clean the registry. There are 95 G used (out of 145G available). I need most of the installed programs.

Many thanks, as ever.

  Taff™ 15:02 11 Jun 2010

There were some pretty large MS Updates out on Tuesday including .net framework Service Packs which are notoriously slow. Could it be these downloading and installing automatically?

  rawprawn 17:40 11 Jun 2010

Why not download and run (both Cleaner & Registry)
using CCleaner. I'm not sure it will solve your problem, but it certainly won't do any harm.
click here

  sheila.weston 08:43 12 Jun 2010

Many thanks,both. The msupdates could well have been the cause as the problem seems to have corrected itself, more or less. I'll give CCleaner a try, also.

  AL47 08:47 12 Jun 2010

This is gonna be a RAM, or lack of, issue isn't it?

  User-312386 08:59 12 Jun 2010

Yeah the MS updates can slow your computer and fill the page file rapidly! I personally turn off auto updates and manually update every second tuesday in the month!

  sheila.weston 09:28 12 Jun 2010

I have just downloaded and run CCleaner, using the analyze option.

What do I lose if I remove the 77,000 kb of Temporaty Internet files? Likewise 711,000 kb of W Expl. Thumbnail cache, 474,000 of system temporary files? Also, what is the system memory dump?

I do not want to have to imput all my passwords etc. on various websites.

  AL47 09:37 12 Jun 2010

i think windows explorer thumbnail is the icons for pictures etc windows builds, you can delete them and they will just reload when you open a folder with them in
system temp files i think are also fine to delete
memory dump files are definitly ok to delete
i also delete temp inet files

i do all these, but this wont free up ram, only hdd space

  sheila.weston 10:03 12 Jun 2010

I have 2.0 GB of RAM, which should be OK for what i use the laptop for : m/s office, family history and graphic programs (eg photoshop elements). I'll run the cleanup option now.

  sheila.weston 16:51 13 Jun 2010

Yes, All seems to be OK now. Thanks, again.

  Taff™ 23:18 14 Jun 2010

Glad you`re sorted but explore the CCleaner Options>Cookies. Like you I hate having to re-enter all the website passwords and preferences so first of all run Ccleaner and then visit them all ONCE and re-enter the details you normally provide. Then use the Options>Cookies and add all the recognisable ones to the "Cookies to Keep" pane. This should save you having to do it repeatedly every time you run Ccleaner. HTH

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