Low memory

  ladyiffy 14:12 25 Mar 2004

Hi my computer keeps showing low memory, yet l have used less then 10% of my space, have had it reformatted and still the problem exists, it stops me from opening windows media player which gives the message the instruction at "0x591c28e9" referenced memory at "0x595c3f78" the memory could not be "read" and l'm yet again sick of trying my technical support l have done everything they have asked and still no joy maybe you guys can help me. also it stops mail from being opened, and can not use incredimail at all, is it a graphics problem?
thankyou ladyiffy

  AndySD 14:49 25 Mar 2004

click here and download the ZIP from Start-Up Applications. Now go Start then Run type in

msconfig and click OK then untick anything not needed.

  Sethhaniel 15:55 25 Mar 2004

and is it XP -
are you using older programs which tend to grab all memory available

  Sethhaniel 16:10 25 Mar 2004

Select its Short cut - right click - select properties - compatability - select 'windows 95 mode' - tick - 'run in 640X480 screen resolution' - tick - 'disable visual screens' - and tick - 'turn off advanced text screen - then selected short cut tab - advanced - 'tick run in sepperate memory space' click apply -

  Indigo 1 16:10 25 Mar 2004

Yes it sounds like you might be confusing Hard Drive space and Random Access Memory (RAM).

If you have only 10% of your Hard Drive filled and are getting error messages relating to memory it is referring to RAM.

You will need to know how much RAM is in your PC ie, 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb etc.

You will also need to know which programs are running using msconfig or a third party app like Belarc Advisor from click here

It would also be useful if you could tell us which operating system you are using ie, Windows 98, WIN 98SE, Win ME, Win XP Home or Pro, Linux etc.

  ladyiffy 07:10 26 Mar 2004

Hi Indigo 1 l'm running xp professional, its 512mb, l downloaded the thing what info should l be looking at? the hard drive has loads of room but and l am a novice so please be patient with me it says on memory module 480 megabytes installed memory slot 0 has 256 and slot 1 has 256 does this help you to help me? thank you

  ladyiffy 07:20 26 Mar 2004

Hi Andy and SethHaneil, thankyou for your responses l have hardly any programmes on my pc as after reformatting have only got msn, internet explorer, incredimail, media player and microsoft office oh and my modem of course.. have tried your suggestions to no avail any other ideas would be much appreciated. thankyou

  gengus 07:57 26 Mar 2004

is the error message saying you have not enough
virtual memory?

  Sethhaniel 08:43 26 Mar 2004

From another helpline:-
When I go to open WMP, I get the error message: An internal application error has occurred. Once I click ok to close, this message appears: The instruction at "0x591c28e9" referenced memory at "0x595c3f78". The memory could not be "read"
Can anyone explain? I've tried to re-install, but it just tells me that I have the latest version.
Maybe sharing a memory allocation????
try for an earlier or later version as player to see if that helps

  Indigo 1 15:22 26 Mar 2004

OK that's fine, you have 512Mb total Memory, 480Mb free to use, and two "sticks" each of 256Mb.

So it is not a RAM problem.

I suspect that one of the windows applications is causing the error and as Sethaniel says it is possible that it could be Windows Media Player.

Media Player will temporarily write files to your Hard disc while playing in a section called Page File or Swap File, if this is set too small then you will get memory errors as there won't be enough space for the task.

Sorry but I can't help any further as I am not experienced in this area but at least we narrowed it down a little and hopefully someone with more knowledge will be able to pick it up from here.

Don't worry it can easily be dealt with.

  Megatyte 15:36 26 Mar 2004

What's your Operating System?


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