Low Level Formating Question.

  M4D 22:00 11 Mar 2004

Does anyone know of any good software to do a low
level format on a: Maxtor DMax Plus9 SATA 160Gig ?!?

I used to have an PATA Western Digital 60gigger and the software that i used with that was pretty quick for low level formating, Used to take me
20 mins to do the hole 60gig.

Im wanting to clear the drive and do a complete fresh install of windows XP Pro and would prefer to do it this way over a normal format for a change.

Could you post links to any software too please if you know of any.

Thanks, Chris Maxwell.

  User-312386 22:04 11 Mar 2004

XP will format the HDD for you, no need to format prior to install

Its all available on the disc

  M4D 22:12 11 Mar 2004

Oh yeah i know.

Im wanting to do a low level format though.
It's a different process altogether involving
writing zero's to the entire drive.

WinXP format is ok i know i just want to do the
format in a different way.

  woodchip 22:12 11 Mar 2004

You should not need this on a modern drive, and is not recommended by Manufacturers, but you may be able to go to there site for a zero fill tool

  woodchip 22:13 11 Mar 2004

PS a low level format is not a zero fill tool

  Chegs ® 22:18 11 Mar 2004

Or d/l the click here It has a selection of hardisk wiping utils(Autoclave)that will do as you ask,then all you need do is run the format command after to create a usable HDD again.

  toothwright 07:54 12 Mar 2004

A TV card completely screwed up my Maxtor drive some time ago - wouldn't boot, couldn't format etc - did a low level format using a utily I downloaded from the Maxtor site. Can't remember the name of it but may have been Maxblast. It ran in DOS from a floppy - did the job perfectly but took for ever.

Hope this helps.

  edstowe 07:59 12 Mar 2004
  Inverjazz 08:15 12 Mar 2004

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always understood that a "low level format" was carried out at the time of manufacture, and should not be altered. Any attempt by the user to interfere with this could render the drive useless for all time.

  Mike D 11:49 12 Mar 2004

I recently did a low level format on a Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 drive. It was not a true l;ow level format, merely an overwrite of zeros. The software that I used was downloaded from the Maxtor site - Powermax, I think it's called.

There are all sorts of dire warnings when you boot from the floppy that the software makes, but as a non-techie, I was surprised at how user friendly the whole process was.


  Paranoid Android 11:58 12 Mar 2004

If you use Powermax to run a disk write pack (low level format) expect to leave it overnight.

I would only do this on a suspected faulty drive. It is not worth it for simply writing zeros.


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