Low disk space - help!

  Ridleyrider 08:02 12 Sep 2003

I keep getting a pop up saying I have low disk space (about 200mb). I can usually clear this by clearing my recycle bin and any temprorary internet files but the message keeps coming back. My PC box also likes to randomly beep now and again which I assume is linked in some way.

I have a lot of things on my hard drive but it is an 80gb one so I didnt think it was too full. However, I deleted some films that I had watched to see if that had made a diffence but it didnt - still the same amount of free space.

What exactly is this problem please?

  Bagsey 08:17 12 Sep 2003

Have you remebered to empty your dustbin of the deleted files? If not you will see no change in disc capacity available.

  seedie 08:18 12 Sep 2003

Try a defrag, see if that helps.


  Ridleyrider 08:19 12 Sep 2003

How do I empty the dustbin please?

Whats a defrag?


  Jester2K II 08:29 12 Sep 2003

How do I empty the dustbin please? - Right click it and select empty recycle bin.

Also right click your C Drive in Explorer, Select properties and run Disk Clean Up.

Defrag - defragment - tidies the info on your drive.

What version windows?

  Ridleyrider 08:33 12 Sep 2003


Hi Ridleyrider, No worries about being a "Newbie" - we all were once!!

To empty the recycle bin, simply right click onto it and from the menu that comes up select "Empty Recycle Bin" - done, all files gone and space restored.

Defrag (or defragmentation) is the process of sorting all the files on your dive into logical blocks. When you save data to the PC, it is stored inchuncks in the first availble space it can find, so for a very basic example, say you save a 10Mb file, it may be stored on your drive in bits, 2Mb here, maybe 4Mb there, 1 Mb in a little gap and 3Mb at the end of the drive. The problem is that not all the space is used and you end up with areas of data that are too small to store any files and your actual file stored in many different places on the drive, This slows the whole machine down as it has to collect all the data from these different places.

Defragging simply puts all the data in order, together in one place and free's up the space wasted.

The best way to defrag using the defrag progrm in windows is to start the PC in Safe Mode. To do this, reboot the PC and as the Bios screen appears press F8 a couple of times, the PC will ask if you want to start in safe mode select yes. This prevents a lot pf programs, drives and files being loaded and makes the whole process easier.

Then go to Start, Programmes, accessories and System tools - Disk Defragmenter. Run this and go make a cup of tea, it takes a while.

When finished simply restart the PC and see the difference.

Finally, if you are that low on drive space a new drive may well be a usful upgrade - about £60 for 80Gb.

  Kitz E Kat 08:38 12 Sep 2003

Empty the dustbin by right clicking on it, then empty....

A Defrag is a wat to 'tidy' up your hard drive, full name Defragmentation....

You do not say what OS you have,shoule find it in Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools> Disk Defragmentation, run this, it will take a while, like about 30mins to an hour depending on how much you have on the drive...

In simple terms its like having files in a filling cabinet, over time they get messed around, and take up more space than is needed and are a bit harder to find, defragmentation sorts this out, should defrag every so often..

Also in the same place you will find 'Disk cleanup' run that also, it will clear 'cookies' and temp internet files, should do that regular too....

That should help, with you problem....
Post back with your OS if you cant find either...

Kitz E Kat

And I need a new keyboard!!! More typo's than ever....

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