Low Disc Space - Too Many Copied Folders

  trinaaahh_6127 01:57 06 Oct 2003

I am not an expert at computers and I might have entered a couple of things wrong . I have hundreds of folders of the same thing , that being , photos . My hard drive is now critically low on disc space and says to delete unnecessary files. The problem is , that somehow my important computer program files are all mixed in with all of the folders in my computer . This is problem number two , I don't know how to properly delete my folders , and multiple delete them , because , some photo folders-I don't know how they got there- but they are copied like ten times or more, each. That means about a thousand folders, and I have no more space on my hard drive, please help me to correct this problem . signed, distressed.

  terminus 03:36 06 Oct 2003

Well it wouldbe better if you could give some more details what operating system etc.
I'll do my best deleting a folder, right click and choose the delete option.
Multiple folders hold down the Ctrl button on the keyboard left click all the folders you want to delete, then use the delete button on the keyboard.

For the rest? I saw a reply from Jester II where he said some virus's replicate folders etc. So hopefully someone will come along and advise you on this.

  Jester2K II 07:41 06 Oct 2003

These copy folders - are they called Copy of FolderName (1), Copy Of FolderName (2) etc etc??

  Mango Grummit 08:26 06 Oct 2003

I can see where Jester is coming from here so best answer his question first as you may have a virus problem.

If on the other hand it is just a case of getting tidied up then this is a handy little tool for finding duplicated images. Dupelocater from click here

  Mango Grummit 08:30 06 Oct 2003

Not just images, didn't really mean to give that impression --- ANY file, any ext, any name.

  Jester2K II 08:38 06 Oct 2003

I don't think it is a virus problem at all - it COULD be but not what I'm thinking. I think its a case that I've seen many times before. Accidental Drag And Drop Copying. Done it a few times myself...

Don't remember mentioning (or even hearing of) a virus that replicates folders. Some space filler viruses make multiple nonsense file and folders but no make loads of copies of existing folders. But then again....

  brittas 11:35 06 Oct 2003

If you have an idea as to what one of the folders is called, you could go into search for files / folders i.e. start button / search / files or folders and put the folder in. See how many times the folder comes up. Delete the copies of that folder by right clicking. It may be long winded but it will work !!! I tried a search for "jpg" and it brought up numerous folders with pictures in !!!

Give it a go !!!

  Rtus 11:48 06 Oct 2003

Ill go along with the twitchy mouse theory ..Ive seen it often enough ..

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