low cpu and gpu usage while gaming

  acidwoman14 16:58 10 Nov 2016


i have 2x gtx 970 extreme amp editions in sli. i7 960 3.20ghz 16gb ram

i've been testing on far cry primal and im only getting 45fps on ultra.

my gpu usages for gpu1 is around 40% and gpu2 around 70%

my cpu and ram tend to be around 30-40%

why am i not exceeding 60 fps.. which is what i want from most titles.

  Archonar 10:18 12 Nov 2016

If you run a CPU and GPU stress tester (For example Prime95 for CPU and FurMark for GPU) do they go up to 100%? Look here for a list of stress testers and try the ones that look good to you.

  Archonar 10:21 12 Nov 2016

Just as a word of caution, I would also recommend using a program such as Speccy to keep track of your temperatures when doing a stress test, your CPU shouldn't go much above 70 degrees and your GPU above 100 so if they get close to those temperatures stop the test to avoid any damage.

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