low and behold! the legends were true!!

  professor 20:43 31 May 2003

click here visit that link and if anyone has a pc that can translate that site fully let me know!


  Valvegrid 20:50 31 May 2003

Stick in Google, that will translate it, I've just tried it.


  Legolas 20:52 31 May 2003
  Legolas 20:53 31 May 2003
  jeez 20:56 31 May 2003

Legolas, have you read that translation! LOL

  Legolas 21:02 31 May 2003

jeez It will give professor a laugh if nothing else

  professor 21:11 31 May 2003

hahahaha!!! if only that translater translated properly! (either that or whoever wrote that page was piss*d at the time lol)

still though interesting to see that a lowly R9000 when overclocked properly can be quite good...makes you wonder why ATi didnt just clock it at thoughs settings to start with doesnt it?


  jeez 21:21 31 May 2003

oh, I do love these light hearted threads, there's another at the top by pj123. Keep em coming (not too much though or fe will hunt me down and kill me for encouraging it)

  Legolas 21:37 31 May 2003

I agree jeez after all the good book says and I quote 'A merry heart is a medicine'

  professor 21:56 31 May 2003

as sum of u may remember i gave my old R9000 to a mate but as there are no differences in the R9000 design apart from a "limiter" in the BIOS stopping you from overclocking it, would it be right to say that if i managed to find a R9000 pro BIOS and my mate was to flash the R9000 with the 9000pro BIOS that it would all work ok?


  woodchip 22:03 31 May 2003


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