PLW 13:49 07 Oct 2003

How do I remove the lovx dialer from windows xp. It says I don't have permissions if I try and delete lovex.exe

  Lozzy 14:12 07 Oct 2003

me thinks you have been where you shouldn't.. Run Adware get rid of all spyware then make sure you have admin rights and delete the offending dialler. Watch your phone bill!!!

  johnnyrocker 14:18 07 Oct 2003

you should also get spy bot search and destroy and if all else fails and you have me or xp do a system restore;)



  Mankster 14:19 07 Oct 2003

As a follow on to what Lozzy says read this
click here

  rawprawn 15:05 07 Oct 2003

If none of that cures the problem go to Start/Run type regedit, Click edit then click Find. Type the exact name EG, Lovex.exe Highlight the lovex it finds & delete it, then click Find Next & do the same thing. Keep on until it finds no more. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE except lovex files & back up the registry before you start. (In registry click File / Export choose a destination & save)

  PLW 09:48 08 Oct 2003

Thanks. I rebooted and tried deleting it again and it went - phew. I had already run spybot and adaware by the way. "me thinks you have been where you shouldn't." - by pure accident I assure you. I am the last person to want to go to those sort of sites.

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