Lousy printing on new Lexmark75 all-in-one - HELP!

  Griffon 20:19 25 Jul 2003

Hi folks - I've just taken delivery of a DEL 8300 2.8GHz Windowsxp pc with a bundled Lexmark75 all-in-one printer. The PC is fine but the printer is not. When printing a full page of text I get two well printed, crisp lines followed by two smeered ones alternating all down the page. I've tried all the trouble shooting stuff on their web pages, in their readme files etc. etc. Anyone got any ideas? Lexmark were less than helpful on the phone earlier. I get an automatic e-mail response this evening from their support page saying I'll get a response within two working days - Blimey that's by next TUESDAY!!!! GGRRRRR!!!! I wish I'd bought an Epson/HP/...

  kennyambler 20:46 25 Jul 2003

try setting the print settings to draft as it sounds like it is putting to much ink on the paper.It may be draft or just set it to 300 dots per inch.

  madPentium 20:49 25 Jul 2003

Im sorry if this upsets you, but Ive yet to find one of these printers that works properly. They seem to have a variety of problems and when you get it working it seems to only last a week before another problem surfaces.
I think these units with so many devices crammed in is asking for trouble.

  Griffon 20:57 25 Jul 2003

I fear you might be right madpentium. I was persuaded against my better judgement to buy the bundle for only an extra £25. We have a all-in-one HP at work that works a dream. Perhaps I should have forked out the extra £150 and got a decent one. I'll try your suggestions kennyambler.

  Bald Eagle 21:35 25 Jul 2003

I hate to say it but I bought a Lexmark X75 printer, scanner, copier ,fax and it has worked perfectly from day one! This includes a very bumpy drive to France in my trailer! Most importantly to me, it loaded all the drivers first time unlike most of my other peripherals.

  Griffon 21:44 25 Jul 2003

Well I hope, bald eagle, that my glitch is just temporary! And kennyambler ... having checked I don't think there are draft settings or a dots per inch settings on the Lexmark as such just normal, better and best quality settings. It's least bad for me on Normal setting. Incidently, the printing is fine in red and blue suggesting it's the black cartridge that's at fault.

  Wak 09:51 26 Jul 2003

I'm with Bald Eagle on this one. I have had an X75 for 12 months now and it's been perfect from day one.
Regarding your problem? Above the Normal, Better and Best, there should be QUICK PRINT. Try that.
There should also be a box to tick for black only printing at the bottom right corner of the same page.
Is the black cartridge installed correctly??
Have you tried removing the black cartridge and then re-aligning it??

  Griffon 10:39 26 Jul 2003

Thanks Wak. Yep I've tried all those things .. no luck. I've also tried cleaning the cartridge as recommended and shaking it in case the ink had gone sludgy inside. I think I need to talk to Lexmark - pity their support is so 9 'til 5 even by e-mail. If the problem can't be cured then the printer is "not fit for purpose" and I'll ask for a replacement. Incidentally I've now found that the copying feature gives completely unacceptable print-outs too! I wonder if this device is a lemon! Thanks for everyone's help.

  Wak 13:58 26 Jul 2003

I can understand how the copying unit will give bad copies as this unit uses exactly the same cartridges as the printer. If it prints badly it will also copy badly so the copier could be OK once you've sorted out the cartridge alignment problem.
Also I can't see how a sludgey cartridge would give two good lines and then two blurred lines.
It certainly sounds like a cartridge seating or mechanical problem to me.
Best of luck, anyway.

  Griffon 20:54 10 Aug 2003

Finally the problem with this printer has been resolved ..... by Lexmark sending me a new one. They took some persuading on my part though. Including sending them scanned in print-outs, trying a new cartridge (that they sent me admittedly), and one final shirty phone call expressing how p***** off I was. But at last I have a printer that seems to work OK so finally -thanks to Lexmark! And thanks for your suggestions too. Cheers, Merlin :-)

  Wak 21:16 10 Aug 2003

Glad you got it sorted at last.
So it was a lemon???
I hope that you will now find that it's not a bad printer for the money.

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