Loud pop while gaming, now CPU overheats

  Kruffpack 04:44 13 Jan 2017


So a while back I was playing Overwatch when my PC made a loud popping noise, followed by a drop in frame rate and then a complete power down after a few minutes. It still works, but now after a few minutes of any sort of activity it will power off.

I replaced the power supply (which was old and super loud anyway), which didn't fix anything. It seems like the problem is CPU temps, which spike up to 100 C (super hot!) from a few seconds of activity, according to Open Hardware Monitor... the CPU fan is very loud when this happens and seems to be properly functioning.

The area around the CPU does not feel hot. I reapplied thermal paste and cleaned out dust, which helped a bit, but idle CPU temps are still 55 C+ and it still overheats from minimal activity.

At this point I'm not sure if the problem is with the CPU itself (though the internet says this is very rare?) or if it's misreading the temps or if I'm just missing something else.

The PC is about 5 yrs old, with a new PSU (Seasonic S12ii bronze 620W) and the CPU is an Intel Q8300. Any insight is greatly appreciated!! I'm by no means an expert with this so let me know if I missed something obvious. Thanks!

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