loud kerplunking noise when i shutdown

  arris 14:16 06 Mar 2006

Kept having a weird problem where my computer would switch itself on after going into standby. Was told to disable all wake events in the bios, now when I switch off computer the hard disk no longer goes off silently but instead makes a loud kerplunking noise as if it's stopping dead. I was told it's safe to disable those wake events but the noise my hard disk makes when i shutdown can't be right can it?

  Gongoozler 14:20 06 Mar 2006

Hi arris. The hard drive should vever make anything more than a quiet ticking noise, regardless of your wake settings. Have you confirmed that the noise is really from the hard drive and not another part of the computer? Have a listen here to some of the noises a hard drive can make click here

  AaNnDdYy 14:20 06 Mar 2006

i wouldnt have though so but sorry i cant offer advice but it dont sound right

  arris 14:37 06 Mar 2006

none of them noises are the same as this, and yes the noise is coming from the disk. Normally it's almost silent and I can just hear the disk coming to a quiet whirring stop. But now, like I said, it kerplunks loudly and I know its the disk because it sounds like something coming to a rapid halt.

If I have to enable the wake events again, do you know if there is any other way of stopping my computer from turning itself on again?

  Gongoozler 15:05 06 Mar 2006

I have all my computer wake events disabled, and my hard drive doesn't make any clunking noises. I certainly wouldn't trust my data to a hard drive that makes such noises. With top quality hard drives costing under £40 I don't think it's worth the risk click here

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