Loud crackling noise coming from base unit.......

  Proxy Worm 10:28 14 Feb 2004

OS: XP, Whenever my hardrive busy light comes on a loud cracking noise comes from the base unit. I have checked my CPU usage history and the crackling happens when i am over 80%, this happend before and the problem was AMD chip was aulty or something a rather, i have PC world peace of mind insurance and before i phoned them i thought maybe one of you guys could help. Has any one got any idea of why this is happening or how to stop it.

Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 11:29 14 Feb 2004

of a faulty hard drive, but you say it's happened before, and on that occasion it was a faulty CPU? Who diagnosed the fault on that occasion, and what was done to rectify it - I would assume that the CPU was replaced, is that so?

  Proxy Worm 12:27 14 Feb 2004

Thanks FE, erm.. this happend before on my old pc that was custom build by a private company- it was very faulty and the heatsink or something was replaced as it was not in properly but by that time i had bought this pc from PC WORLD, it's about 5 months old and now this is making a noise whenever its hardrive is busy( thats what i odserve when i seee the light on the base unit), so shall i phone up my PCWORLD insurance line to send a engineer? Might sound like a funny question but what shall i say to them, like eg. syptoms- like there is a noise coming from the unit....?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:42 14 Feb 2004

When you say a "crackling noise" do you mean the noise that the disk makes when data is being accessed?

It might be worth doing a defrag / scandisk to rule that out.

Also time to ensure that all your data is backed up. click here

  Proxy Worm 12:45 14 Feb 2004

I have done both defrag and disk cleanup with no sucess.

  Kitz E Kat 12:45 14 Feb 2004

Does sound like a *dodgy* HD, id phone and tell them exactly what you have said here...
If it is the HD it could go belly up any time , so the sooner you got on the case the better, me id use the computer as little as i could till i get it sorted..
And a back up is something you should be doin right now!!!!!!

Hope all goes well , good luck....

  Proxy Worm 12:48 14 Feb 2004

When you mean backup- you mean like all my documents and what i need?

  Proxy Worm 13:43 14 Feb 2004

I phoned them up and they have given me a reference number but cant do anything until its like craashing or the machines has severe symtoms.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:54 14 Feb 2004

click here - all your docs, and everything that you want.

  Indigo 1 13:56 14 Feb 2004

I would click here and look for their online hard disc health check.

There is also a small program you can download to inform you of the status and condition of your hard discs and will also predict how long it's life expectancy is, as soon as I locate it I will post it here for you.

  Forum Editor 14:10 14 Feb 2004

I would class a crackling noise which may result in the loss of all your data - to say nothing of your software installation - a 'severe symptom'.

If the noise has suddenly started it's not going to be normal hard drive access 'ticking', and I would immediately do as others have suggested and back up all your data to a CD.
Then contact PC World and tell them the hard drive is about to fail - it's ridiculous to expect you to carry on working with a potential disk failure hanging over your head.

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