Loud buzz/hum coming through my headset

  kajinstyle 20:49 20 Dec 2008

I've done some searching about this problem on these forums and others throughout the web and it seems to be a common problem that pops up.

I know it isn't my headset because this headset was working fine on another computer and was working find on this one until recently.

I do believe it's a hardware issue I just can't figure out what exactly. What lead me to believe that was the fact before my PC starts up completely this hum/buzz can be heard in the headset. It's definitely something bleeding into the mic because when I unplug the mic I don't hear it.

A couple other interesting facts:

-If I put my hand on the PC the buzz/hum dies down but not alot. Take my hand off it gets loud again. Put a book or anything else on the PC and nothing happens. It makes me thing something is not grounded right.

-The problem pops up before windows is fully loaded. During the windows loading screen. It might be a driver.. it might not.

-Touching the connectors of the headset (sorry don't know the proper name) The two small things you plug the headset into the computer with. If I touch those while they are in the back of my PC. I feel a vibration.

-Touching other areas of the PC, a very low vibration could be felt.

So far that is all I can get out of this. I do deeply feel it's a hardware issue, because there is no way software will know if i was touching the case with my hand or not.

  MAJ 21:20 20 Dec 2008

"The two small things you plug the headset into the computer with"

If they are just headphones, rather than Headphones and Mic (Headset) then you should only need to plug in one connector (jack plug), usually into the Green audio connection on your sound card at the back or front of the computer.

  kajinstyle 21:22 20 Dec 2008

It's headphones and a mic. Your basic headset.

  octal 21:58 20 Dec 2008

You have an earthing problem with the computer. Try changing the mains lead to start with, if that doesn't cure it then try another mains outlet socket. The slight vibration you are feeling is the residue voltage on the case of the computer which isn't being taken to earth. You must sort that out soon as there is a risk of electric shock under fault conditions.

  octal 22:02 20 Dec 2008

Just a thought, are you using a mains extension lead? If you are these are a constant source of problems when the connections become loose inside. If you are not sure what to look for then either get an electrician to look at it or buy a new lead.

  Graham. 23:04 20 Dec 2008

octal says, you have an earth loop problem.

  Graham. 23:06 20 Dec 2008

Sorry, I have a cold.

  lotvic 23:18 20 Dec 2008

I just wanted to see if my post comes out in the same formatting as Grahams did (bigger than normal)

  lotvic 23:19 20 Dec 2008

no, it didn't.
How did you do that then Graham?

  Graham. 23:38 20 Dec 2008

I copied and pasted 'octal', but I think the highlight went to the left of the first 'o'. Please feel free to experiment, if kajinstyle doesn't mind.

  lotvic 23:46 20 Dec 2008

I won't experiment on kajinstyles thread, it wouldn't be fair. But I am intrigued (I'll get over it ;-))

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