Lotus smartsuite 97 has messed up my PC

  erkmatrix 10:41 10 Jan 2003
  erkmatrix 10:41 10 Jan 2003

I wanted lotus word pro on my new pc and had a back up CD with all my old software from my last machine so I installed it on to my windows xp machine, and no I get this damn smart centre toolbar that loads up and sets itself at the top of my screen you can exit it but when you boot up again there it is, I installed all the smartsuite which was stupid, and now I totally regret it cause you can't remove it.
I go into the add/remove and select the lotus smartsuite and remove and it comes up with uninstal has detected one or more conflicting programs, you must press ctrl alt and delete to end task before you can use uninstal
then it says Ltsstart, Remind32, Suitest.
And it has a lotus suitestart in my taskbar that wont shift also. Is there anything I can do, I just want rid of the whole thing.

Its damn irrating, this windows XP add/remove seems useless I struggled to also get rid of my windows messenger which I didn't want but thats sorted now.


  €dstow 10:44 10 Jan 2003

Not sure now as it's a long time since I used it but is there an un-unstall feature on the Lotus disk? You don't have anything to lose by trying that but it may not work now it is messed up.


  Sir Radfordin™ 10:49 10 Jan 2003

Do you have a system restore point from before you put Lotus on there? If so go back to that and see if it helps.

One other thing, you don't have any Anti-Virus running when you try and unistall it do you? Lotus 97 did have a problem with NAV and others so you may need to disable that to get rid of it.

  erkmatrix 10:50 10 Jan 2003

No That was what I was hoping for but its just a copy back up cd of all the software, they forgot to add a uninstal.

  RoA 10:51 10 Jan 2003

It won't help with your current problem but I had a similar problem in wishing to access old WordPro documents. I seem to recall that WordPro 97 would not function on with Windows XP and I had to buy a copy of WordPro 9.5 - this works perfectly.

  erkmatrix 10:54 10 Jan 2003

Sir Radfordin

Uhm, I don't think I do have a anti virus running, Its a new windows xp home edition machine and I havn't installed a anti virus yet, windows doesn't come with a anti virus does it, or can I go and check, where would I go to disable it.

  erkmatrix 11:07 10 Jan 2003

I got the word pro to work ok and I had a choice to of just install that, which I should of done but I thought oh I've got plenty of space on the hard disk, put everything on, its the smart centre I want rid of and the lotus suitestart in the taskbar, you can hide it but now I just want rid of the whole thing then I can just install word pro 97

  BurrWalnut 14:40 10 Jan 2003

I have specific elements of Lotus SmartSuite running although they are all loaded to the hard disk.

I removed the other bits from starting via the Start Tab in msconfig and the StartUp folder in Programs. I don't know XP but can't you use the XP equivalents and remove them from running?

  erkmatrix 14:45 10 Jan 2003

Sorry bit of a computer novice and what do I look for which could be the xp equivalents. Do I go into explorer you mean and find program files then delete, please explain.


  VoG™ 14:54 10 Jan 2003

Start, Run type


and OK

Untick programs that you don't want to start on the Startup tab.

DO NOT go into Program Files and delete them. You'll end up in worsse trouble because there will then be orphaned items in the Registry.

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