Lotus Organizer : (1)File Deletion (2)Anniversary

  Simon 6102 19:39 07 Aug 2003

Lotus Smart suite V 9.7
(1)When I open the Organizer, then click FILE at top left,in the dialog which is to the left bottom will be the Organizer Files which exist. On mine there are 4. Why ? I have most likely made some mistakes and created them.I am a new PC User. Can some one tell me how to get rid of the 3 unused listings. All help will be much appreciated, Thanks

(2)In my Psion PDA when an Anniversary entry is made there are plenty of options for display/details: Date of month;Month;Specify start year;Display year as. Hit Enter and I now have an entry which has alongside it in brackets say(0 years). Next year the same entry will have in brackets 1 year and so on and on.I do not know how to get Anniversaries in the Lotus Organizer to do the same. I have tried but the same facility does not seem to be there.

I hope both queries are clear enough.Thanks for any/all help.

  Southernboy 22:07 07 Aug 2003

It is very easy to create additional files inadvertantly - I did lots when I first used it. You will have to go to Windows Explorer (which in XP is All Programs>Accessories and in W98 is simply programs) and locate Lotus. Click on the WORK folder which will display Organiser. Click on this and delete the unwanted files.

You are right, there is no facility in Organiser to do the procedure you require.

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