Lotus Freelance to Microsoft PowerPoint Converter?

  MeV1 09:51 05 Nov 2004

Hi Again,

I seem to be posting alot lately but alot seems to be going wrong!

I have some old presentations that I made in lotus freelance 97 before we bought Microsoft Office a few weeks ago. Is there anyway I can upgrade the lotus presentations to PowerPoint so I can uninstall lotus (it was designed for Windows 95 and NT4.0!) ?



  TomJerry 10:29 05 Nov 2004

(1) Use custome install when you install MS Office, and then you can select which "filter" to install under Microsoft Office Tools, maybe Freelance filter is there. Many many people do not know they missed a lot of things from Office when they install it using Typical installation option.

(2) From Freelance, Save the presentation use "Save As" NOT "save", then you can select which file format to save, look if it has option to save as "RTF: Rich Text Format". Then you can open it from Powerpoint.

(3) If both above do not work, you can install OpenOffice (free) as go between because Openoffice can handle both powerpoint and freelance files download Openoffice from click here

  MeV1 10:55 05 Nov 2004

The Mirosoft filter only opens older freelance files, not 97 ones. (.PRZ)

Freelance doesnt have a save as RTF option.

I am downloading open office now.

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