Lotus 123 Release 5 - availability

  Mike0313 10:09 11 Apr 2007

Q1: Where can I buy a (boxed, original, genuine) copy of Lotus 123R5 for Windows? (I last bought a copy off Ebay a couple of years ago for £12 but it seems now it's become scarce and valuable like a vintage car! - only available from the States for many times that price).

Reason for request: One of the .DLL files on Disk 1 has become corrupted so I cannot instal it to my new replacement computer.

Q2: Do the early versions of Lotus SmartSuite include 123R5W? E.g. Smartsuite Version 9.5? I know that SmartSuite Millenium Edition includes 123 Millenium Edition which I believe had lost its keystroke macro capability.

I have never switched from Lotus 123R5 for Windows, because of its extraordinarily powerful keystroke macro language.

  Newuser38 11:46 11 Apr 2007

Not sure if it any help but my version which came as part of Smartsuite 97 which I think was version 9 identifies its Lotus 1-2-3.97 as File version 6.0.9702.1002. I have never used keystrokes so dont know if my version does or not.

  blanco 18:29 11 Apr 2007

I'm not sure whether it will have exactly what you're looking for but I have a copy of SmartSuite 97 that dates back to about that actual date when I had Windows 95.
It was also compatible with NT so will presumably have no problems with XP.
I updated to the Millenium when I moved up to XP so my earlier disk is now going spare.
If you are interested, send me an email via the envelope I will happily gift it to you in the hope that it may solve your problem.

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