Lotus 123 Formula

  Abel 17:38 23 Apr 2008

I'm in need of your help again please.
In a Lotus 123 formula, how can I distinguish between negative and positive values? For example:
IF(A1 is negative, do this,or IF(A1 is positive, do this, or "".


  Fermat's Theorem 18:41 23 Apr 2008

but in Excel it would be
=if(A1<0,hello, goodbye)which would return hello if A1 is negative, other would return goodbye.

Hope this helps :-)

  Fermat's Theorem 18:44 23 Apr 2008

... other = otherwise


  Together 19:06 23 Apr 2008

If I remember rightly:

where x is the action if negative and y if posative

  VoG II 19:18 23 Apr 2008
  Abel 22:15 23 Apr 2008

I'm cleary missing something, because none of the above appear to answer my problem. Perhaps my explanation was somewhat vague? Simply what syntax, if that's the correct expression, should be substituted for the words 'Negative'and or 'Positive'in the following formula:


  Fermat's Theorem 09:45 24 Apr 2008

Anything less than zero is negative hence using the "<0" condition. As I said in my earlier post, I can't remember the exact Lotus syntax but VoG's link should solve that for you.

I doubt very much if you need two iterations of the "if" in your formula - just state the condition, the action to be taken if the condition is satisfied and the action to be taken otherwise.

As in my first (Excel-type formula) post:

if A1 is negative print "hello", otherwise print "goodbye"

The equals sign is replaced in Lotus, as you know, by the @ symbol - the syntax of enclosed the respective values in inverted commas or otherwise you probably already know yourself.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

=if(further help needed,reply,tick resolved box) :-)

  Together 11:33 24 Apr 2008

The simple lotus function is
@IF(condition,true value,false value)

You seem to need to start with @IF(R29<0,
what you enter after that depends on what you want to do with the information. The formula I gave in my earlier post will put in the cell either x or y, since the " " marks indicate insert a string. Some instruction is needed if you wanted to carry out a calculation based on the result or go to another part of your spreadsheet.

  Abel 17:06 24 Apr 2008

Thank you all; I now understand! If it's anything other than <0, it must clearly be positive! I did say I was missing something though, whatever that might be I leave to conjecture.


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