Lotus 123 docs uppercase to lower?

  terryp96 22:24 14 Nov 2004

Don't know if it's possible, suspect it's not, have found a Lotus 123 document all typed in upper case, is there anything I can do to convert it to lower case?

  hugh-265156 00:37 15 Nov 2004

im not sure as i have only dabbled a bit with excel but it should open .123 files ok if you have it. i changed the extension of a .txt file to .123 and it opened ok in excel.

if you have excel try clicking the 'help' tab and type in 'change text lowercase uppercase' it shows you here that by using the 'function tab/text' '=proper =lower or =upper' that this can be done but i dont know how to apply to the whole worksheet.

VoG`s your man here if hes about.

  BurrWalnut 08:17 15 Nov 2004

Select the text you want (whole document), right click, Text Properties, AZ Tab and in the right pane scroll down to lower case.

  BurrWalnut 08:20 15 Nov 2004

Sorry, I've just realised you said Lotus 123, my instructions were for Lotus Wordpro.

  terryp96 20:08 15 Nov 2004

Reply to huggyg71, I don't have Excel so I am still open to suggestions

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