Lotto Checking Utility - Beta Testers Requested

  Blitzer 23:55 24 Dec 2003


First off - very sorry if this posting is not welcome, I'll keep it short and sweet...

I've just finished updating a UK Lotto number checking utility that I've been working on and off for over the past 5 years. It's totally FREE and does not contain addware etc.

Basically, I'm just after a few people who run or are in Lotto syndicates and may find my software useful for checking their tickets. Nothing too extensive required, just a case of using the software to see how intuitive etc. you think it is and whether or not it gives you any problems.

Runs under Win95/98/98se/ME and XP Home/Pro

My website can be found at click here

Just follow the "Software" link and then download the file, either as a .zip or self extracting .zip

Thanks for you time - much appreciated. :)

  Blitzer 23:57 24 Dec 2003

Sorry, also meant to say there are a couple of screen shots on the site and a Readme file to read before you download etc.

Thanks again. :)

  Blitzer 23:58 24 Dec 2003


And a Very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all! =oD

  Peverelli 09:17 25 Dec 2003

Maybe you should change "Provides various stastics..." (about half way down the page) to "Provides various statistics..."

Will give it a go later. Merry Christmas.

  Blitzer 11:07 25 Dec 2003


Oops - thanks for that, I was kind of rushing the website stuff to get myself clear for Xmas day... Will sort that rght away. ;)

  Blitzer 11:28 27 Dec 2003

Bump - Anyone? :(

Perlease? :)

  Trackrat 12:06 27 Dec 2003

Have downloaded it will give it a try later on tonight.
Regards Alan

  Peverelli 13:13 27 Dec 2003

Have downloaded it and given it a quick go and it works (as you know). It looks like it will be a useful tool for people with many lines to check.

You'll probably get more responses in the new year, when life gets back to normal ;O)

  Rennaissance 13:24 27 Dec 2003

just downloaded it, im sure it works, but im not sure what it does :P

  Sheila-214876 13:41 27 Dec 2003

Like Rennaissance I have tried it and found it too complicated. I run a Syndicate with 70 tickets on Saturdays only. I will stick with the Lottery Checker I have which was free from click here

  Blitzer 17:48 27 Dec 2003


Thanks for the input re: too complicated - in what respect are you finding it a problem to use? Bearing in mind I'm only providing it with the minimum of documentation at the moment. :)

A quick guide to what will happen when Riktor is first used...

1. You will be prompted to create the required Tickets file - basically a list of your Lotto numbers. This only needs to be done once - you can edit the Tickets file later from the config window.

2. Enter the 7 ball numbers drawn (6 + bonus) for a particular Lotto game and press "Check". This will produce a list of Lotto dates for you to select the appropriate draw date from. This list will only be produced if there are outstanding Lotto draws you have not checked. Basically it's a means of ensuring you remember to check the Lotto. Once you have selected the appropriate date, your tickets are checked and the results displayed.

Other features available are provided pretty much as extras and do not have to be used. For example if you untick the "Log" checkbox Riktor does not log any details about winning tickets for statistic purposes.

Any further problems or queries then please feel free to e-mail me. :)

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