lottied 19:30 03 Jan 2014

Hi, We have an Epson PX730WD printer, very very temperamental when asked to print glossy A4 photos! Sometimes, having taken tray in & out many times it will decide to print a page, other times we give up before it gives in. Properties all checked, paper correctly loaded & lined up - any advice please?? Daughter desperately trying to do some school work! Thank you.

  Nontek 19:46 03 Jan 2014

I had similar problems with that printer, in the end I got rid of it and bought a different Epson (I like Epson printers).

  lottied 23:19 03 Jan 2014

Oh you're joking? Not quite what I was hoping for but thanks for your honesty! What did you replace it with please & is it any better?

  rdave13 23:51 03 Jan 2014

I don't use that particular printer but I also like Epson printers. I don't know your Operating system but might be worth trying to update the drivers for it 'over the top', which means downloading the drivers and simply install as is. Once done so then reboot the computer. Don't remove the usb connection for this over the top installation. Select your operating system, Win 7, Vista etc., then download, run and install. Once done just reboot the PC. Scroll down a bit for the downloads and for you to select your OS.

Good luck, Link.

  lottied 09:29 04 Jan 2014

Thanks,will give this a go & cross fingers. I did opt recently for Epson upgrades but that's not made a difference, this sounds more technical so here's hoping.

  Nontek 13:23 04 Jan 2014

I bought the Epson SX435W wireless printer - it does not print direct to DVD/CD but other than that it is an excellent little all-in-one printer which sits quietly in a corner of my room taking up very little space indeed. Wireless facility is excellent!

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