Lottery and Firefox

  jagx400 15:22 27 Dec 2004

I have just tried to use the Lottery page and because I use Firefox it wont allow me in saying security is the issue, I thought Firefox was a more secure browser, or is this just an excuse to keep costs down

  Gongoozler 15:32 27 Dec 2004

I think they just can't be bothered to make sure their site is Firefox compatible. What is the site url?

  Gongoozler 15:34 27 Dec 2004

OK I just found it, and I'm still of the same opinion.

  AragornUK 15:46 27 Dec 2004

What lottery site do you mean? If you mean the official site (national-lottery . co . uk) then I can get in with Firefox.

  Irishman 15:57 27 Dec 2004

You can get into the main page but you can't buy a ticket. Like banking sites they depend entirely on Active X which is IE only.

  AragornUK 16:05 27 Dec 2004

"I may be missing something obvious"

I thought he just meant can't get in the site. Never tried buying a Lotto ticket online, so didn't try that approach :oS

  Gongoozler 16:10 27 Dec 2004

Irishman, I deal with 3 banking sites, 2 of them are quite happy with Firefox, only Abbey insist on Internet Explorer. The Lottery site will even accept Netscape 7 or above. Clearly it can be done. I think it's just laziness on the part of the site designers.

The url in question is w w w.

  Valvegrid 16:31 27 Dec 2004

I've just tried it, Firefox and Konqueror won't work, but Mozilla 1.7 and Opera will.

  Irishman 16:38 27 Dec 2004

The two banking sites I go on won't work with FF and the last time I looked into this the only answer I could find online was the bit about Active X. I suppose web designers are slowly but surely catching up.

  Valvegrid 16:41 27 Dec 2004

I haven't got Active X at all on my system, its Linux, but I had to accept pop-ups to make it work.

  jagx400 18:12 27 Dec 2004

My bank Lloyds works fine with Firefox, I meant I cant make an account on the lottery page. Does Opera work because it disguises itself as IE, I may be wrong

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